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Pure Yling Ylang Essential Oil

Pure Yling Ylang Essential Oil

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Ylang-ylang Essential Oil is extracted from Cananga odorata - also known as flower of flowers. It is a tall tropical tree about 20meters (60 feet) high with large, tender, fragrant pink, mauve or yellow flowers. The yellow heads are viewed as being the best in terms of quality. There are several grades of Ylang-ylang essential oil which are extracted at different times during the flower's lengthy distillation. These grades are referred to as extra, I, II, & III. This is the first distillation of the oil.

Botanical Name : Cananga Odorata

Plant Part : Flowers

Extraction method : Steam Distilled

Origin : Madagascar

Color : Pale to golden yellow clear liquid.

Consistency : Thin

Note : Base

Strength of Aroma : Medium

Aromatic Scent :  Ylang-ylang Essential Oil has a sweet, exotic, floral scent that is one of the most sought after aromas.

How To Use

Mood Enhancer : Brings on feelings of awareness, confidence, peace and self care.

Pms Remedy : Natural remedy to PMS cramps, tension and stress. Rub 1-2 drops on tummy to seek relief.

Skin Smoother : Natural energizer for fighting fatigue or body aches.

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